The Shimittah Year Prophecy

What Really Did Happen on September 29, 2000?


In 2000 CE, what is called “The Shimittah Year Prophecy” became the talk in Israel, especially within Orthodox Jewish circles.  Before long Messianic believers were also studying it.   The Orthodox religious say that a Scriptural cycle was found 400 years ago in their Scriptures  by their sages.   In calculating this cycle, they said that on Rosh ha Shanah, September 11, 1999 (which began the year 2000 on the Hebrew calendar) that a Shimittah Year (Shimittah means a “sabbatical”) would begin.  The “Shimittah Year” is  the 7th year of each seven-year cycle, in which Elohim (God) commands the Land to rest (Leviticus 25).  And it said that on Rosh ha Shanah, September 29, 2000, (which began the year 2001, and a new 7-year cycle by  the Hebrew calendar) a war cycle would begin that would not end until Messiah ben David (son of David) came.   


[Review for clarification:  September 11, 1999 was Tishre 1 on the Hebrew calendar, which began the year 2000.  September 29, 2000, Tishre 1, began the year 2001 on Yahuweh’s calendar.  The Shimittah year being from 2000-2001 or Tishre 1 to Tishre 1 (Tishre falls within the Roman calendar months of September or October).  Tishre 1 is called “Rosh ha Shanah”—the “head of the year”, or new year’s day, beginning from creation.  It is also known as “Yom Teruah”--the Feast of Trumpets--on which day Messiah Yahushua will return.  So in calculating the Shimittah year, it was from 2000-2001 by Yahuweh’s calendar.   But on the Roman calendar it was from September 11, 1999 to September 29, 2000.] 


In the meantime, Jews are still looking for Messiah ben Yoseph (the suffering servant).  To their great joy, both will come as the same Person, to catch them up on what they’ve been missing for the last 1900 years, and to bring them a Kingdom on earth, in which the Torah will be the rule of the Law of Heaven over the earth.  Messiah ben Yoseph/Messiah ben David (same), will open the fountain of cleansing for the House of David, and forgive their sins, and restore them to right-standing with Yahuweh, put His Word in their hearts, join them with the House of Israel, and together they will be one stick in His hand forever—HalleluYAH!  (Zechariah 12-14 and Ezekiel 36 and 37)   We join the Orthodox Jews in their great expectation for the coming of Messiah.  We pray for the remnant of the children of Jacob (all the tribes) who will receive Him with joy, as “they look upon Him whom they pierced and mourn for Him”.


Their mourning will turn to joy as they receive their Savior, Redeemer, Messiah, High Priest and King.   Oh the joys of fulfilled prophecy! 


We remember that September 29, 2000 was the day that Prime Minister Ariel Sharon came up on the Temple Mount with some friends, and a major Intafada (Arab uprising) began.  Stored rocks were already there for the purpose of the Arabs to throw at Sharon and his friends,  for the Intafada leading to Jihad (Holy War) had been planned to start when Sharon came up on the Mount.   It was NO coincidence!   This “war cycle” did indeed begin that day, and it has not stopped, nor will it stop, until Messiah son of David comes. 


Thus September 29, 2000 (first day of 2001 on the Hebrew calendar) ended the last year of the 6,000 years since the beginning of creation—launching a new 7-year cycle at the beginning the 7,000th year.   This is highly significant, since our Father’s plans move in various set cycles.  Leviticus 25 gives us the cycles of Jubilee, with its seven 7-year cycles ending in the 50th year of Jubilee.   Each seventh year the Land was to rest by command from Yahuweh.


In Billye Brim’s sermon on the “Judgment on the Nations”, she tells of hearing this Shimittah Year Prophecy while eating a falafel in Mea Shearim in the Ultra-Orthodox area of Jersualem.   She was in Israel, and had been hearing about this prophecy from many people.   A Rabbi came up to her table and began talking to her, even though she told him she was one of those that believed that Yeshua was the Messiah.  He confirmed what she had heard about this prophecy.  He said that September 11, 1999 was called “the day that everything changes” and that a war cycle would begin at the end of the Shimittah year, September 29, 2000, which would continue until Messiah came.


Billye went to check this out with her friend who headed the Temple Institute in Jerusalem.   He confirmed what the Rabbi told her, saying of September 29, 2000:  “It is the day that the final judgment on the nations begins”.  


This is very fascinating, but there is more to confirm that this was not just some off-the-wall teaching of Kabbalistic Jews.   The sages who “found” this prophecy, actually were correctly calculating the cycles of Yahuweh (our Father).    


In 2000, the Father spoke to me to go to the island of Patmos no later than September 29, 2000.  He told me that on that date I was to be in the cave where John received the Revelation, and to prophesy the opening of the seven seals of Revelation 6.  I was to declare Revelation 5:1-chapter 6:1 into the earth—also representing the Bride of Messiah to call for the Bridegroom’s coming.   I didn’t know why September 29, 2000 was so important—He didn’t tell me that.   I knew it was the end of the Oslo Accord, and the beginning of the seven thousandth year since creation.   But, instead of putting that as my priority, for He has sent me on many strategic assignments to declare His will into the earth, I went on to Africa for the summer to minister, as I had for the last 7  years.  And, I came back to Jordan with malaria--again.  I was weak and sick, and unable to go to Patmos when He told me to go.  I have since learned, that when He gives me an assignment to “stand in the gap” and to proclaim and declare His will into the earth—that it is my primary assignment and I must guard it with my life and not to let other things get in my way of fulfilling His will.  Anyway, I didn’t go—with great regret.   I repented, but heard no soothing: “That’s OK”, from Him.  It was not OK.   Powerful declaration and proclamation of His Word must be done on site—not from a comfortable easy chair of one’s choosing.   Prayer can be done anywhere, and prayerful intercession, but He sends some on assignments to go to the site where He wants His Word called into the earth.    I remember hearing of a man who was in America,  who was told by Father to go to Berlin, Germany, back before the Berlin Wall came down,  and lay his hand on the Berlin Wall and command it to come down.  He obeyed.  Then he asked Father what else he was supposed to do, and Father told him, “Now go home to America”.   Our job is to obey.


I  returned from America in late April of 2001.  He had told me to buy a travel guide for the Greek Isles.  The Lonely Planet travel series had just put one out.  I bought it, though I was not happy about spending approximately $18.00 on something I thought I’d never use.  Father never told me why I had to buy the book,  just that I had to buy it.  I’m obedient most of the time.  When I got back to Aqaba, I was preparing to teach the Torah reading for the week on May 3rd.   As I prepared, He showed me some revelation on why I still had to go to Patmos.  It was shocking Revelation that once He sends forth His Word into the earth, it does not return to Him void.   Then He clearly said to me—unmistakably His voice—“I want you to be on Patmos on May 11th”.  (My 50th spiritual birthday of being born again was May 14, 2001).   The only way I could be on Patmos on such short notice was to go by the information in the Lonely Planet travel book.


I was on Patmos on May 11th.  On May 12th and 14th, I went into the cave where John received the Revelation.  On May 12th, He gave me the most astounding revelation from Revelation 5:1-6:1—about why John wept.   John represented the Bridal remnant.   Unless the seals were opened and the tribulum was released, the Bride would forever be waiting at the altar.   The “tribulum” from where we get “tribulation”, is a farm instrument which separates wheat from chaff.   This 3 ½ year time-frame is the time of the pressure that our loving Father will put on all mankind to separate out the true set-apart ones--the wheat--from the chaff--the wicked.   He gives mankind one last chance to submit to Him, before the final wrath must be poured out at the end of the time of tribulation.  I journaled for two hours what He showed me in that cave on Patmos.  On May 14th, I was there to represent the Bride and to call for the Bridegroom to come.   The anointing in that cave was overwhelming, as His presence filled it.


Though I fulfilled Part II of my assignment on Patmos, I look at regret that I did not guard His will for me, so was not on Patmos for the proclamation of the opening of the seals.  But, I know for sure that on September 29, 2000, that the seals of the Revelation scroll were opened, and the horseman began to ride.  The seals have to be broken in order for the rest of the scroll to unfold.  And since September 29, 2000, the scroll has definitely been unfolded.


From ancient Jewish writings, Rabbis have said that the first seven years of the  seven thousandth year since creation--the time just preceding Messiah’s return—is the time in which the earth is purged of the wicked during much tribulation, and the set-apart ones are preserved.   September 29, 2000 not only marked the 7,000th year from creation, but the beginning of the “third day”--Hosea 6:1-3-- from the coming of Messiah Yahushua.   In the third day, in Exodus 19, the Spirit of Yahuweh descended on Mt. Sinai, and revealed the terms of His marriage covenant with His people.  The people at Sinai were commanded to prepare for the third day by cleansing themselves.  The word now is: “REPENT FOR THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN IS NEAR”.


Hosea 6:2: “After two days He shall revive us, on the third day He shall raise us up, so that we live before Him.  So…let us pursue to know Yahuweh, His going forth is as certain as the morning.  And He comes to us like the rain, like the latter rain watering the earth.”   The Hebrew Tenach in English, translated from the Hebrew, verse two, is even clearer: “In two days He will make us whole again (speaking of the Messiah who came to die and rise again to make us all whole again); In the third day He shall raise us up (the resurrection) and we shall be whole by His favor”.   (This speaks of the salvation of all Israel, as He pours out His spirit on them—much Scripture about this!).   (Italics mine)


It is the time preceding the coming of the Kingdom of Messiah to earth.   Jewish leaders also say that man has been given six thousand years, but that the six thousand years did not begin from the first day of creation, but began with the creation of Adam in the sixth day, thus adding six years to the six thousand years.  In Genesis 6:3  we read that man was given 120 (Jubilee) years.  That is six thousand years, since a Jublilee year is every 50th year (Leviticus 25)--   120X50=6,000.


Many of the Jews, even before Messiah ben Yoseph’s coming, believed that Messiah ben David would come to earth in the first part of the seven thousandth year of man upon the earth.   Creation Scientists have proved that the earth is no more than six thousand years old—now moving into its seven thousandth year.  There is no solid science that can prove it to be older than this.  


Now for more confirmation regarding September 29, 2000.  I was reading a little book by Richard Honorof, a Messianic Jew from Israel, entitled Revealing the Mysteries of the Melchi Zadok Priesthood.   On Page 38, he begins telling about twenty-seven people, himself included, who were led by the Ruach (Spirit of the Father) to go walk on Shabbat, September 30, 2000, at 2:00PM, from the end of the Hinnon Valley at the Mt. Zion Hotel to the Kidron Valley at the Gihon springs.   Seven were dressed as priests, and took seven silver trumpets, a shofar, and a flask of anointing oil.  Over the waters of the Gihon, as in the days when Samuel anointed Solomon there, they poured oil over the shofar and then blew all the trumpets proclaiming Yahushua (Yeshua—the Salvation of Yahuweh the Father) as Messiah and the new King of Israel.   Richard said that at that time, he believed that what took place on that day “Yeshua used for beginning His end-time ministry”.  On His wedding day, Messiah will be crowned King, and His Bride crowned Queen.  They will make their residency on the hill just above the Gihon Springs in the City of David.


I agree with Richard that He did indeed begin His end-time work on that Rosh ha Shanah.   His last days ministry includes the regathering of the twelve tribes of Israel (Jacob) from all over the earth, and the separating out and marking of the Bridal remnant for her final preparation for His coming--those who will be alive and remain at His coming.  He is separating now the wicked from the righteous, and calling the house of Israel back to their roots in the Torah, back to repentance, back to the Father, back home to His Land.   He is also orchestrating the plans of Lucifer for the final fulfillment of His prophecies regarding the setting up the time of tribulation and the rule of anti-messiah (world ruler) for 3 ½ years.   He is tying up loose ends using Lucifer’s world elite leaders, as He sits in the heavens and laughs…see Psalm 2. 


It is amazing that the mathematics of Ezekiel 4 and Leviticus 26 comes to  2007.   The end of Ephraim’s and Judah’s punishments end in 2007.   After 2007, His plans for the two houses, which  comprise the whole house of Jacob (all the tribes), can commence.    Angus Wooten has an excellent article regarding this subject, called The End of Ephraim’s Punishment.   (Please ask for it if you don’t have it). 


The Rosh ha Shanah, Tishre 1 of 2006 (which begins at sunset on September 22, begins 2007), begins another Shimittah Year—ends on Tishre 1 of 2007, thus beginning 2008.   Thus another cycle of seven begins on Rosh ha Shanah of 2007—beginning 2008 on His calendar.   Will we have another full seven-year cycle before Messiah comes—or will anti-messiah come to rule on the Passover in 2008, beginning the 3 ½ years of tribulation?  Some say the Rosh ha Shanah of 2014, which would begin in 2013 on the 10th of the month of Tishre—is the beginning of the year of Jubilee.  The year is Jubilee is the only year that begins on the 10th –not the 1st, as per Leviticus 25.   At this point, we must use our time to prepare, for the days are short, and Messiah will return soon, no matter how you calculate it. 


The Apostle Paul told us that we are not like the children of darkness who will be surprised by a “thief in the night”, but that we are the children of day, and that we are not ignorant of the times and seasons of His appointments.  But, of course, those times and season are the Festivals of Leviticus 23—His mo’edim—His appointments with mankind.  Therefore as we walk  in the “tracks of righteousness” (the seven Festivals of Yahuweh—Leviticus 23), which is what Psalm 23:3 is saying, we are led by Him for His Name’s sake.


We might not know the day and hour, but we can surely know the season, for our Father does NOTHING unless He first tells His servants the prophets what He is about to do—Amos 3:7.  He doesn’t want us ignorant—He wants us prepared and ready for Him when that shofar blows at the “last trump”—II Corinthians 15:51-54;  Revelation 11.


One last piece of information about the seven years of Oslo.  The Oslo Acccord began about two days before Rosh ha Shanah on September 13, 1993.  It was a seven-year treaty.  Therefore it officially ended in mid-September 2000.  It was about making Israel’s borders indefensible, so that Israel could be taken easily by Lucifer’s plans.  It was a renewed vow of U.N. resolutions made in 1947 to create two states within Israel—one for the Palestinians and one for the Jews—with Jerusalem as the world’s international captitol.  Of course the world leaders knew that there would not be peace, but only chaos.  But, the idea is to produce chaos, for an excuse to bring the world ruler to power.   The motto of the Illuminati is: “Our of chaos, unity”.  That is why we’re seeing the purposed chaos taking place, especially in the Middle East.  The seven years of the Oslo Accord began on September 13, 1993.  On March 13, 1997, exactly 3 ½ year into the seven-year treaty of death, it was stopped by an Arab uprising on the Temple Mount.   Daniel 9:24-27 tells us “that which is continual” will be stopped in the “middle of the week”.   


In the Spring of 1996, Jim Searcy reports, that the government of Israel began to let two Jews at a time go up on the Temple Mount to pray.  The “Temple Mount Faithful” continued to do what King David did during the forty years when the Ark was under the pavillion in a tent behind his house—called “the Tabernacle of David”.   The morning and evening sacrifices of Exodus 29:38-46 were done as prayers with worship and praise during that time—with no animal sacrifces—so say Jewish historians.   Faithfully for about two years, these prayers were made—until March 13, 1997, when the Jews had to make a hasty escape due to the rioting of Muslims on the Mount.  The Jews, after that, were prohibited from going up on the Mount to continue “that which is continual”.  


Daniel 9:27: “And in the middle of the week he shall put an end to slaughtering and meal offering.”    Exodus 29:38-39 calls this “that which is continual”—the morning and evening sacrifice of two sheep.  But, as was said above, because there is no Temple, as was under David’s Tabernacle, prayers and praise was given twice a day—morning and evening for almost two years before it was stopped by the March 13, 1997 uprising.   Interesting to say the least.   May the Ruach Yahuweh give us more light.


Without setting any “day or hour”, we are in the “ballpark” for the coming of Messiah.  One of the biggest signs that Messiah is returning is that the house of Judah and the house of Israel (all the tribes of Jacob/Israel) are both returning back to the Land.

I end my comments here on page 8.  I give you two articles—below:  The first one is from Jim Bramlett’s website and explains a lot about the Shimittah year and cycles.   In the second article,  an Orthodox Jew, writing around Sha’vu’ot of 2005 (June),  pleads with his fellow American Jews to return to the Land as soon as possible, for the fifth year of the Shimittah Year Prophecy is to end with Rosh ha Shanah 2006, and the sixth year of the seventh year cycle to begin.   I include it because I am captivated by the genuine pleading of this Orthodox Jew who realizes that our time before Messiah ben David is short, and he is pouring out his heart.


The plans of the Luciferic world leadership are moving very fast now, to start World War III, bringing in chaos around the world, and to complete Part III of the Mazzini/Pike plan of August 15, 1871, for world domination.  In all of my studies, from Daniel 8-- explained to me by Father on March 18, 2003, about Gulf War II and following--and all the quotes and beliefs of people in key positions,  the bottom line was stated by the U.S. State Department: The peak year for nuclear world war is 2006.   The present world scenarios and military positioning, especially in the Middle East and in America, are setting us all up for Isaiah 17 and even Ezekiel 38.   With the Ruach we call out:  “COME YAHUSHUA, COME!” 


Shalom-- with excited anticipation, 

Yedidah - January 2, 2006                                      



This article is taken from Jim Bramlett’s website:


Dear friends:


The confluence of similar prophetic information from unrelated sources is a source of fascination to me, and also an indication of probable confirmation of that information.


On a J.R. Church video, he reveals the following 13th century Jewish commentary regarding the 20th century:


"And all the children of Israel will assemble in their various places until the completion of the century.... The children of Ishmael will at the same time rouse all the people of the world against Jerusalem."

It is intriguing that over 700 years ago someone would predict that the nation of Israel would be reestablished in the 20th century, Jews worldwide would be returning to the land, and that at the completion of the century the Arabs effort to rouse the world against Israel would intensify, as it did beginning with the Palestinian Intifida on Sept. 29, 2000.


Keep this in mind as I recall previous information below that I have posted:


1. On November 2, 2003, I reported that over 40 years ago, in 1958-1959, Dr. James Brooks' grandmother told him that biblical judgment would begin sometime after the year 2000. She told him that a sign that judgment was beginning would be when a large building in New York City was destroyed by people from a Muslim country, which happened September 11, 2001.


2. On July 18, 2002, I reported the following from Bible teacher Billye Brim:


"When I went to my Jewish source in Israel, he reminded me again that SEPTEMBER 11, 1999, WAS THE YEAR EVERYTHING CHANGED AND THE BEGINNING OF THE JUDGMENT OF THE NATIONS" (emphasis supplied & see below about Jewish year 5760).


"He told us that according to the sages and the Oral Tradition, once "the year everything changes occurs," a war will start on the next shemittah year following that, beginning a war cycle. "After this war cycle is completed" -- his eyes lit up as he spoke -- "it is the year of Meshiach ben-David" (Messiah, Son of David)! (The shemittah year" is a sabbatical year according to Leviticus 25:1-4.)


"In September 2000, the next Shmittah year after September 1999, war began. We were witnesses to this fact as Ariel Sharon went to the Temple Mount to pray and Arafat declared jihad ("Holy War") the following day. This was the beginning of the "war cycle" just as the sages had predicted.


"On September 11, 2001, terrorism struck our nation. Now the United States is in a war.

3. On July 25, 2001, I reported that in his June 2001 newsletter, Hebrew archeologist and researcher Vendyl Jones wrote:


"This is the Jewish year 5761 or CE 2000-2001. On Rosh Hashanah, September 27-28, the present Amalek crisis began. That very date is the beginning of the Shmittah (Sabbatical) year. This is the seventh Shmittah (Sabbatical) year since the founding of the State of Israel in 1948."


By Amalek crisis, he means Intifada, or uprising of the sons of Amalek. His words that the present year 2001 is the "seventh Sabbatical year" since Israel was born caught my eye. I called Jones and asked him how he came up with that. He said, "I didn't. The rabbis did." He explained that they do not count from 1948 but that they continuously count from the time of Joshua and the first Sabbatical year (Leviticus 25:1-7). He said that according to the rabbis, 1952 was the first Sabbatical year after 1948, and 2001 is the seventh.


(The difference in 2000 and 2001 as the shmittah, or sabbatical, year could be reconciled by the fact that the year on the Hebrew calendar overlaps both.)


4. On March 27, 2001, I shared a report I had seen that rabbis in Israel had concluded that the 2000 Intifida began "the time of Jacob's trouble," referred to in Jeremiah 30:7. The declaration was reportedly signed by 27 of the leading Orthodox and Chassidic sages. Bible scholars believe that "the time of Jacob's trouble" is the same as end-time judgment.


5. The modern-day Bible-believing church age began when Martin Luther broke away from the false Catholic church and nailed his biblical thesis to the church door. This was on October 31, 1517. In Daniel we read about a 483-year period in Jewish history before the 1st Coming of Christ. Could God also have given a similar 483-year period to the Church before the final countdown? If you count 483 years from 1517, you arrive in the year 2000, the time frame we are discussing.




We learn that September 11, 1999 (which began year 5760) "was the year everything changed and the beginning of the judgment of the nations." There were many things pointing to year 5760 as one of the most important times in history; for example:


1. First, with this year, according to credible scholars we may have an unprecedented confluence of three of the most profound events in all history: (1) the end of the sixth millennial days of creation and beginning if the seventh; (2) the end of the second millennial day since Christ's birth and the beginning of the third; and (3), the Jubilee year (50th anniversary) of Israel officially declaring Jerusalem its capital on January 23, 1950, and shortly after Israel's own Jubilee year, both no doubt of great prophetic significance.


2. Second, the following, which came to me from various sources, seems amazing: The gematria, or letter/number equivalents of the Hebrew language, for the words SIX DAYS multiplies to 5760 and also the words THIRD DAY multiplies to 5760 (both with extra zeros). The statistical improbability of such an outcome must be astronomical.


3. Creation was in six days. Six days X 24 hours = 144 hours. If these six days were a type of the 6,000-year earth lease, and assuming 1 hour = 1generation, and 1 generation = 40 years, we have 144 X 40 = 5760!


4. Verse number 5760 in the Hebrew Bible is Deuteronomy 32:7:"Remember the days of old, consider the years of many generations." But that's not all: This verse exactly follows 50 verses from Deuteronomy 30:5 which speaks of Israel's rebirth in 1948, and the year 5760 exactly follows 50 years from Israel's rebirth! This is truly amazing.


5. Israel, the "fig tree" of Matthew 24:32, "put forth its leaves" in the June 1967 miracle six-day war by acquiring the Golan Heights, the West Bank, the Gaza Strip and Jerusalem, also a fulfillment of Luke 21:24. Jesus said the generation which saw this would not pass away until "all these things have happened." June, 1967 was Jewish year 5727. If a generation is 40 years, then 5727 + 40 = 5767 (which coincides with A.D. 2007). Year 5767 minus seven years (possibly Daniel's 70th week) = 5760.



From the End of Days website—by Dov Bar-Leib

Written: June 2005

This blog is in response to a few letters that I have received lately.  Some correctly fretted about the lack of resources to make aliyah or even to make an expensive trip to Israel this summer to help bring Mashiach ben Yosef.   Others simple disagreed, simply suggesting that the avodah to stop the disengagement is just as appropriate from America as it is from here. Here is my response:

You are right. It is very difficult here to live amongst the klipot (husks of spiritual impurity) that want Klal Yisrael to self-destruct.  America was by an large founded by G-dly men inspired to do his will (as long as it did not get in the way of America making money).  Nevertheless, for the vast majority, the American Citizens' Club was rightfully blessed at the End of this Age. This blessing, sadly, has reached its end. The choice is stark: A cheap oil based economy which is disintegrating as the price of oil slowly (soon to be more quickly) bankrupts America and makes it a prisoner to someone else's foreign policy (the Saudis for example) on one hand or G-d's promise of a dew based economy (where our sustenance only comes from the mouth of G-d) here in the Holy Land on the other hand. The turn over from one world order to the holier one according to Rav Kaduri and the Vilna Gaon and the gemorrah in Sanhedrin is a seven year process which began with Gog W.'s invasion of Afghanistan on Hoshana Raba in the first year of the shimittah cycle in 5762 (2001), right after Sept. 11th. The oil-based economies at the end of this process will be destroyed because of their marriage to Basemath the daughter of Ishmael (See my blog: 6 Million for Makhtzit haShekel). The G-d blessed economy here will become more apparent with the rise of MBY (Mashiach ben Yosef), G-d willing by Rosh HaShana of this year. The attempted destruction of Gush Katif and Jewish communities in the Shekhem/ Jenin corrider (the road to Dothan) will be the backdrop of the hopefully peaceful revolution that will take place here.
We expect total economic isolation when that revolution occurs at the hands of the oil-based Edomite economies. This isolation will be the healthiest thing that the Jewish people has experienced for 2000 years. We will be totally dependent upon His (G-d's) benevolent Hand, not on the largesse of the corrupt gentile world. (Note: This does not mean, of course, that the righteous gentile world does not have a significant role in the Ge'ulah. Of course they do!)


There will be a spiritual revolution here in the 5th year of the Shmittah cycle (he’s writing in June of 2005—italics Yedidah’s), just as the Gemorrah in Sanhedrin says that there should be.  Don't you want to participate in it? At least come here this summer to participate in the events of the summer. Ask your rabbi. Get a p'sak. "Should I just stay in America and daven?" "Should I come to the middle of some busy intersection in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv to say Tehillim with hundreds?" "Should I go to Gush Katif, as a guest in someone's home and do the same or as a guest in the still open Gush Katif hotel (The Palm Beach (Hof Dekalim) Hotel next to Neve' Dekalim) to do the same, to say Tehillim with thousands?" Keep in mind if your Rav answers you to stay in America and daven, when you have the time and the resources to come now, you may be left holding your Chafetz Chaim travel bag[1] when you could have been here to observe the ge'ulah with your kavod, your possessions that G-d gave you to serve him. Come when your dollars will get you here with your possessions. Why wait until America falters, for when that happens you may not get here with your kavod!! Also keep in mind that living here has to be your choice not your Rav's choice. I would suggest that speaking to a Rav here in the Holy Land will help guide your decision about where to settle. Most Rabbaim in Chu"l (outside the Land of Israel) are ill-equipped at this time to advise you on where to settle, and they themselves will admit this and will refer you to a Rav in Israel to get started.

When I, the writer of this blog, made Aliyah, believe me I asked my Rav, and his response was simple after he investigated the preliminaries such as our financial situation. He asked, "Do you believe that your avodat HaShem will be enhanced by moving to Eretz Yisrael?" My answer was yes. My question to all readers: "Are you sure that you can live in America under the protection and

blessing of a government of kindness, knowing the cruelty of pressure to not respond to the murderers and terrorists amongst our enemies exists in order to keep the price of oil as low as possible?" “Can you stomach that quandary that your “prosperous” lifestyle in America comes at the cost of Jewish blood in the Holy Land?”


I personally became physically ill from the beginning of the Al Aksa Intafada until I left America because I understood the gravity of this quandary. It slapped me in the face that it was G-d himself giving every Jew including yours truly a choice. I knew from the outset that this was the quandary of the spiritual battle of Gog and Magog. Did I want my personal prosperity to continue to come at the expense of the quality of life and life itself here in the Holy Land. From my birth until the onset of the Al Aksa Intafada I had never faced such a daunting question. The interesting thing, though, is that every Jew who has enough savings to get started here has the same daunting question facing him or her. This is the ultimate bekhol meodecha question. Remember according to the Chofetz Chaim, WW1 was a service bechol levavcha (a choice of the heart between Judaism and Bolshevism and a choice not to speak lashon hara (gossip), another Avodah of the heart.) WW2 was a service bechol nafshekha (with all of your lives). Here the Creator made the choice easy. For those who perished, He in his infinite Understanding of the end of the matter, did not give them a choice. But alas, we of the last Gog Umagog War have a choice. Please for G-d’s sake Come with Kavod!!! If you have the resources, come now. Support Nefesh B’Nefesh and organization which helps Jews make Aliyah who do not quite have the resources to do so. Help your fellow Jew get out of debt if you can so that he can come too. If the resources just are not there yet, form a club of others in your position. Have Nefesh B’nefesh come and speak to you about what they can do to help. Make it happen if you can. Participate! Bring what you have, and you will be passing a tremendous test, the main test of our generation!! And if you cannot close up your affairs right now, for G-d’s sake try to plan to be here within the coming year. The time is coming when even having children in middle and high school will become an improper heter (exemption) to delay Aliyah. Time is just too short. The greatest redemption in history will keep your high school and jr. high school kids from straying from G-d’s path while staying in America will bring with it all the dangers of a self-destructing civilization.
A test by definition involves either no help from heaven or equal doses of help from heaven to make either a right or wrong choice. The choice is not your Rav's. It is ultimately yours and your family's alone. True there are many reasons to take it slow, at least, in the past there have always been these reasons. Finances, jobs, high-school children, and severe illness which requires American expertise to treat are genuine reasons to take it slow and only come if you can with your Chofetz Chaim travel bag. The problem though is that time is running out.


We are over half way through the Shmittah cycle of the coming of Mashiah ben David.   He could come early, but especially if he does not, the economies of Edom are headed for ruin. I believe that the events of this summer will lead to the rise of Mashiach ben Yosef. We will rage war successfully against the mixed multitude (descendants of untrue converts) who daily wake up and check to see if the world loves them yet. He will also lead us in war against Amalek, who tries to create doubt of G-d's very existence in the world either by his vile behaviour (Osama bin Laden, Hamas, et al.) or because his system is rooted in essential G-dlessness (United Europe for example). In this process Gog W.,  (He calls President Bush “Gog”--Italics mine) will be none too happy about the turn in events. He will fight us tooth and nail the entire time.  Yet, by fighting us he will be removing America from the Source of All Blessing.

As Jews, do you want to remain under this deteriorating spiritual situation? If you can pull your resources together, by all means LEAVE before Gog and friends confiscate your bank accounts for writing contributions to Jewish organizations which support the rise of Mashiach ben Yosef.

Of course the alternative is disastrous. Burying your head in American prosperity while your brethren here in the Holy Land are struggling to rise above the husks of spiritual impurity imposed from the Erev Rav here and our enemies throughout the world, you will not be passing the test of this generation. This is not to accuse all or even most who cannot come of doing the above, but a valid

self-assessment of your financial and health situation as a family and as an individual is required at this time before your choice to come is taken away from you.  Are you serving G-d bekhol meodecha, with all your resources, or are you running away from G-d's vast but infinitely finite patience to pass your test? As patient as G-d is, the day is coming to pay the piper. And the piper is heading toward Azezel.

Keep in mind everything above is written with love for all Jews in the dispersion of the foreign lands of our exile. I write this out of a deep desire that Jews in America and the other lands of the free world not suffer from the coming financial collapse of Malchut Edom which is prophesied to come at the end of our exile.

[1] The Chofetz Chaim and other great Tzaddikim always had a travel bag packed with everything that they would need just in case Mashiach showed up on any particular day.
posted by Dov Bar-Leib at 6/24/2005 04:56:00 PM