Prophecy from Pensacola, Florida, 1998, Pastor Steve Hill



Hebrews 13:12-14: “And so Yahushua also suffered outside the gate, to set apart the people with His own blood.  Let us, then, go to Him outside the camp bearing His reproach.  For we have no lasting city here, but we seek the one coming”. 


In the early days after the ascension of Yahushua, His followers looked to that city as their eternal hope—the new Jerusalem, which will come down the heavens with our Father.  (Revelation 21-22)  They lived for eternal reward.  When the church system was created under Constantine (325CE) and persecution stopped against the believers in Messiah Yahushua, the people forgot their eternal destination and concentrated on what they could get in this world.  The persecution of the true believer has been going on for a long time, throughout the world, with millions being slaughtered for their faith in countries like Sudan, China, Indonesia, parts of Africa, parts of South Asia, Mexico and South America, and the Middle East.  The martyrs’ eye is on eternal reward.  It is now estimated that at least 20 are dying for their faith in Messiah each hour in countries under Muslims, Communists and dictators—over 40 countries.


But, persecution of believers in Messiah Yahushua, who also keep His covenant and guard His commandments, is soon to come in the western world, for Yahushua said regarding the “latter days”:  “All men will hate you for My Name’s sake”. 


Here is a prophecy from 1998, which speaks of the mind-set necessary for the believer, in order to prepare them for what is coming upon the whole earth.  Matthew 24:21-22, “For then there shall be great distress such as has not been since the beginning of the world until this time, no, nor ever shall be.  And if those days were not shortened no flesh would be saved, but for the sake of the chosen ones those days shall be shortened”.  We are facing WWIII and nuclear holocaust, and only our relationship with our heavenly Father, Yahuweh, and Yahushua our Savior and Messiah will help us through these days.



“Live unsettled!  Live unsettled!  Don’t sink too deep into the soil of this earth.  Keep your head up and your feet moving.  Stay alert.  Stay sober.  I’m coming!  The day of My coming is close at hand.  Loose yourself.  Loose yourself of any ties that bind.  If you don’t loose yourself, I will help loose you.  Prepare the way in your own heart and help prepare the way in others.  I want no obstacles.  I will have no obstructions.  I will return for a pilgrim people.  Let the church know the day is approaching.  Warn them—don’t wine and dine them.  Tell them clearly—don’t mix words.  My water, My Word, is pure—don’t taint it.  Make it clear.  My people know it is about to happen.  What is about to occur will change world history.  Nothing will remain the same.  Let the unbelievers, let the skeptics, let the religious ones know that what they fear the most is about to happen.  Every fear known to man will be swallowed by the terror of he days ahead.  Fear will overcome fear, dread will overcome dread.  The violent will be overcome by the more violent.  My final work is at hand.  My spirit’s wooing is about to cease.  No one will grieve Me anymore. No one will quench My spirit anymore.  No one will resist Me anymore.  Their days are over.  Let them know My warm season of grace and mercy will soon turn to a chilling winter of judgment and wrath.  The warm days of My wooing will be exchanged for the fiery days of My vengeance.  My pleading for the souls of man, the passionate cry of the faithful harvesters, the unselfish service of My set-apart servants—all their labor, all their charity, all the pain, all the suffering, it will be over!!  I have heard the groans of nature.  I have heard the midnight cries.  My church has been begging My return.  My Bride has been longing to be with Me.  The plan of the ages has almost reached fruition.  The tree has borne forth its fruit.  The fertile soil has yielded the harvest.  The planting will stop.  The laborers will leave.  The sickle will rust.  It’s almost over.  I’m coming back.  I will not delay My coming to you—so don’t delay your coming to Me”. 



November 2003